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    Characters Name:Jembokanti
    Armoy Link:
    Your Age:15

    Name of the current guild you are in and why are you so unhappy you would wish to leave it? Safety is not guaranteed i would like to join a raiding guild because are GM has got new work and we havnt been doin are 25 mans but i love the guild but i need to raid.

    Name of other guilds you were in and why you left?

    What type of leadership are you used to and/or do you prefer?
    well i do help ppl in the guild in runs and i do explain fights and will help guildys with other things.
    All previous raiding experience?
    well i did alot of BT raids and i do 25 man os 10 man os 1 drake up 25 man nax 10 man nax an some 25 man and 10 man uld but i do learn quickly.
    Describe what your roataions are for the following:

    Melee DPS:raptor strike,mongoose bite and wing clip but im hunter to i dont melee much lol
    (Example: Rogue - Rupture, SS, SS, Adr. Rush., Blade Flurry, Slice n Dice)

    Caster DPS:steady shot explosive shot aimed shot serpent sting and tranq if needed and scorpid sting depends on what boss so you guys dont get critted
    (Example: Shadow Priest - SW-P, VT, MB, SW-D, MF, MF, VT, MB, MF, MF)

    Can You Download Any Add-Ons As In Omen, Ventrilo, Deadly Boss Mods, Grid or X-perl raid frames and can you use them effectively?
    yes i have vent and dps meter and whatever i need for my class

    Can you take constructive critism?
    If you're unaware of your surroundings and you consistently die or mess up in a certain spot and I call you out, will you cry and /gquit or will you learn from your mistake and correct it?no i do not cry i learn from my death and i am a quick learner in raids if i dont know the fight i will say so and not act like i do XD

    Healing Rotation if assigned to Tank:
    Healing Rotation if assigned to Raid:
    Healing Percentages you'd like to see at the end of the night for your abilities:
    (Example: 70% Flash of Light & 30% Holy Light)

    Are there any current CG members you know, or that can vouch for you?
    What is your opinion of going <AFK> during raids? If one person goes <AFK> for five minutes, they have officially wasted ________ amount of usable raid time?
    well if everyone is cool with the afk break im good but other then that it wastes sometime
    Summarize yourself In 5 words or less....
    im a cool guy
    We have requirements on dps for raids that you have to pass before being able to join in any raid are you ok with that? If you do not meet the requirements you can run Heroics for gear, and talk with people for rotations.
    yes im ok with that cause in most 25 man i do over 3k dps in 25 man uld i did 4.0+ so yea im cool with it

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    Post  Artemis on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:44 pm

    Your app is getting reviewed we will get back to ya.

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