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    Lvl 80 Resto Shaman: Pamplona


    Lvl 80 Resto Shaman: Pamplona

    Post  Pamplona on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:33 pm

    Characters Name: Pamplona
    Class: Shaman
    Race: Taruen
    Spec: Resto / Elemental
    Armoy Link:
    Your Age: 30

    Name of the current guild you are in and why are you so unhappy you would wish to leave it?
    Safet is not Guaranteed, This guild is a little immature. Also we have a problem with getting enough people to sign up for raids even though we have a huge roster.

    Name of other guilds you were in and why you left?
    A Better Place, great guild and good friends but not a raiding guild and left to do more end-game content

    What type of leadership are you used to and/or do you prefer?
    I'm used to a more shared leadership but I am also able to function under a more authority type. Personaly i perfer everyone to know what is expected of them and preforming as a team than one person whipping the herd of cats together.

    All previous raiding experience?
    Kara, VoA 10/25, OS 10 +1/25, Naxx 10/25, EoE 10(havnt completed still) and of course some Ulduar 10

    Describe what your roataions are for the following:

    Caster DPS:
    (Example: Shadow Priest - SW-P, VT, MB, SW-D, MF, MF, VT, MB, MF, MF)
    FS, LB, CL, Lb, Lb, Lb, LB, CL repeat

    Can You Download Any Add-Ons As In Omen, Ventrilo, Deadly Boss Mods, Grid or X-perl raid frames and can you use them effectively?
    Use all of those addons already and some more

    Can you take constructive critism?

    If you're unaware of your surroundings and you consistently die or mess up in a certain spot and I call you out, will you cry and /gquit or will you learn from your mistake and correct it?
    I will learn from my mistake, good example is my first time healing for Globbus, I kept cleasneing everyone when they got the disease casuing the clouds to explode in the wrong places. Took 4 tries before someone relized what I was doing and told me to stop.

    Healing Rotation if assigned to Tank: Earth Shield, Lesser Healing wave, riptide has needed
    Healing Rotation if assigned to Raid: chain heal, riptide has needed
    Healing Percentages you'd like to see at the end of the night for your abilities:
    (Example: 70% Flash of Light & 30% Holy Light)
    This depends on the fight and the Raid, In naxx, I use chain heal more so i like to see my chain heals above 60-70% but in ulduar there is more moving around and more people are spread out so I will see my Lesser Helaing wave higher (like 60-70%)

    Are there any current CG members you know, or that can vouch for you?
    I recently ran the end of a Naxx 25 with some members and I enjoyed their candor and overall ability to preform as a team. Can't really recall the members or those who would vouch for me.

    What is your opinion of going <AFK> during raids? If one person goes <AFK> for five minutes, they have officially wasted ________ amount of usable raid time?
    Personally I don't like people going AFK or DCing in the middle of a raid. I know it happens but it does waste everyone elses time.

    Summarize yourself In 5 words or less....

    We have requirements on dps for raids that you have to pass before being able to join in any raid are you ok with that? If you do not meet the requirements you can run Heroics for gear, and talk with people for rotations.

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    Re: Lvl 80 Resto Shaman: Pamplona

    Post  Artemis on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:55 pm

    Your app is being reviewed we will let ya know,


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    Re: Lvl 80 Resto Shaman: Pamplona

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    Was excepted


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